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Etta James Epoch Masterpiece ‘At Last’: The Perfect Song for First Wedding Dance

Among the variety of classic compositions there stands out the eternal masterpiece of American diva Etta James ‘At Last’. The everlasting theme of faithful love and turmoil of deep emotions is elapsing within the whole song creating the spirit of tender affection. When listen to it initially, you will be amazed by the simplicity of lyrics and stunning mixture of jazz, blues and rock’n’roll.

Etta James has been performed professionally almost all entire life. The singer wrote a huge number of memorable records: bold blues of the 1950s and great amount of hits in various styles in the 1960s. However, the composition «At Last» being a vertiginous ballad was first recorded in 1960 and became her hallmark. This marvelous song followed Etta like a lovely lost child for almost half a century.
A gorgeous masterpiece has found its niche in 1993, when solo singer got the honored place in the Hall of Fame rock n ‘roll after Janis Joplin and Lavern Baker. This song was played in the movies “Rain Man,” “Pleasantville,” “American Pie” and the cartoon series “The Simpsons.” In April 2009, the singer has performed At Last at TV show “Dancing with the Stars.” On January 20, exactly three years ago, in his first night as the President, Barack Obama was dancing with his wife Michelle to this song at all 10 balls in honor of his inauguration.
Here we may quote outstanding blonde: ‘In music there are many come-and-go things and timeless classic’. ‘At Last’ is the brightest example of unfading classic with a note of modernity as the song has been rewritten and performed a great amount of times. Endurance of the song lies in the magic of true feelings and bliss combined with peaceful mind.

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Being the hymn of unconditional love, the song appears the best musical accompaniment for the first wedding dance. Lyrical romantic mood, ornateness of melody and high spirit of the composition makes it a perfect song for first dance of young couple. Slow tempo and modulations of Etta’s voice turn the song into marvelous never-ending experience. Unique manner of singing and languishing voice gives the composition elegance and slight piquancy.
The composition is flooded with the words of tenderness and warmth like ‘look at you’, ‘my lonely days are over’, ‘rest my cheek to smile’, ‘life is like a song’, ‘skies above are blue’, and ‘my heart was wrapped in clovers’. These poetic sayings describe how people fall in love and take it in their hearts for the whole life. By the melody and words the compositions tells the lovers to keep their love forever.
Therefore, the masterpiece is the perfect option for those who are on the threshold of married life. The image of newly born couple going around in light dance with the bride in write laced dress can become a perfect illustration to the song. Tender saturated overtones of jazz and flavor of the past will make your first wedding dance unforgettable experience to be remembered across the entire life.